Franchise FAQ

Why should I join the Coolblog Franchise?

Being a part of the Coolblog Franchise network gives you the great opportunity to operate your own business, but not just any business. You get a proven business plan with low investment, simple operation, national and local support, ongoing marketing investment in the brand and products, training from the experienced Coolblog team, lease negotiations, renovation and store set up, and much, much more. We also support you on your journey as you grow from running one store to owning multiple stores.

How much is the franchise fees?

The initial franchise fee is MYR 30,000 per Coolblog in Malaysia. However, franchise fees for the international market vary depending on the country.

How much are the royalty and advertising fees?

The Coolblog Franchise Partner will only need to pay MYR 1,280 per month and there is no advertising fee. Royalty and advertising fees for the international market vary depending on the country.

What is the expected payback period?

The payback period is generally around 18–24 months for our Malaysian Franchise Partners.

What qualifications does Coolblog look for in potential Franchise Partners?

Coolblog's Franchise Partners tend to be business owners or aspiring business owners who have the ideal mix of personal qualities, professional experience, and stable financial standing to operate a Coolblog franchise store. Coolblog is committed to promoting diversity in its franchise system.

Is it compulsory for me to have experience in Food and Beverage industry to become a qualified Franchise Partner?

Experience in the food and beverage industry is useful but not compulsory in our franchise program. We provide training on products, marketing, customer service, and a deep understanding of our standard operating procedures for those who are new to the industry.

How many stores does Coolblog have around the world?

Coolblog currently has over 290 stores in Malaysia. Coolblog is also now in the Philippines and on track to reach our target of 30 stores by the end of 2022.

Will I receive training?

Absolutely! You will be trained by our experienced Training Managers.

What ongoing training & support is provided?

A Franchise Business Manager will be appointed to be the key point of contact for all queries, training, general support and ongoing operational needs. Through the Franchise Business Manager, each Franchise Partner will have access to all divisions in Coolblog Malaysia, including Finance, Franchising, Marketing, Training, Design & Development, Leasing, Operational, and Purchasing, to make sure that all your needs are attended to.

How much are store establishment costs?

The average store capital investment in Malaysia is around MYR 160,000. This includes franchise fees, store renovation and set-up costs, and operating costs, for example, inventory, rental, and staff.
The average cost for a similar-sized store in an international market is going to depend on variables such as the cost of materials and the availability of equipment. For a better idea of the capital requirement, please <click here>

Does Coolblog provide financing for potential Franchise Partner?

No, we do not provide direct financing to franchisees, but we may refer you to financing providers on a case-by-case basis.

How large of a space do I need for a Coolblog?

Coolblog has developed a very effective store design and set up for small spaces. It can range from around 100–200 square feet to a shoplot format depending on your location. This makes securing the perfect location easier, shortens build out time, reduces rental investments, and allows you to keep your store looking spiffy and hip, and get your business up and running without delay.

How long will it take to get a Coolblog store opened?

It will take approximately 2 months from the time you sign into a Coolblog franchise.

How can I reach Coolblog for franchise business?

Please email or call us directly, and our team will reach you soon.
Email: / Phone: +607 355 5001/5002